My sister, a third grade teacher is tasked with preparing her students to take and pass the third grade state exam. She works with a team of other third grade teachers, hand-preparing reports and seeing where her students are struggling.


Friend and fullstack developer in training, Jesus Medero built a JavaScript/jQuery driven quiz app for one of his Thinkful projects. This project sparked an idea to build an online application that would allow my sister to better prepare her students and take up less time to do so.



Project Duties:

  • Industry Research
  • Color Psychology
  • Color Schemes
  • Find Fonts
  • Vector Manipulation

Working Hours:

  • 2.5 hours of research & reflection
  • 15.5 hours of design

First Iteration: Fonts

I believe that if a logo looks good in black and white, because you can't control how people will print out your marketing material in the future, it will be great in color.

First iteraction of font choices.


Votes on favorite font choices.

Teachers, development team and designers voted on their favorite font.

Second Iteration: Font Manipulation

Variations of selected fonts.

Children are no longer being taught how to write in cursive and therefore don't know how to read cursive handwritting. With this information I went with a san-serif font, simple, easy to read and the most favored when put to a vote.

Third Iteration

Variations of the favored font, incorporating icons.

It was important to me that the logo communicate or hint upon the purpose and use of the Skilled Scholar application. So I used images/icons that illustrated test-taking.

Color Schemes

Nine different color schemes.

I was so excited to start working on the application that I threw a logo concept but it was black and gold, two colors not prominently found in the education industry. I conducted some industry research on colors and the psychology of colors in Western culture and put together 9 different color schemes.

Final color scheme.

Final branding color swatches

Final Marks

Final color word mark for Skilled Scholar.
Combination mark for Skilled Scholar, icons and word mark.

Already thinking about the Ux/Ui of the application I thought it would be good to create icons for the different parts of the application to hint at the section the user was in.

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