Day to day students need to know what needs their immediate attention.


myFranklin is the university's web portal that provides students and faculty with personalized information pertaining to anything but not limited to courses, financial services, registration, forms, news, announcements, grades and various forms of communication like email and chat. The new myFranklin4 LMS, includes an online course development and delivery system that cuts course development time from months to weeks


myFranklin needed a facelift and a reformation of information. Three development teams came together. I was one of three other UX designers and I was asked to focus on the information architecture of the portal.
The new look and feel begged for the use of icons to communicate the various sections of information and tools faculty and students had access to within myFranklin4.



Project Duties:

  • Contextual Research
  • User Experience Research & Analysis
  • Information Architecture
  • Wireframing
  • Guerilla Testing
  • Icon Design
  • Visual Design
  • Create CSS Style Guide
  • Build HTML framework in JSP

Team Size:

  • 2 Designers
  • 7 Java Developers
  • 3 Project Managers


Analysis of myFranklin web portal courses tab.
Analysis of myFranklin web portal contacts panel.
Analysis of myFranklin web portal instructor dashboard.

I studied the myFranklin interface as it stood, making notes about where all the tools, features and links were located. The new myFranklin4 had a different structure and new features. My aim was to bridge the gap and make the transition intuitive.

Phase One | Wireframes

myFranklin4 instructor phase one of wireframes

Phase Two | Wireframes

myFranklin4 instructor phase two of wireframes

Look and Feel

Final design for myfranklin4 instructor dashboard

myFranklin4 Instructor Dashboard

Final design for myfranklin4 student dashboard

myFranklin4 Student Dashboard

Final design for myfranklin4 announcements tab

myFranklin4 Annoucements tab

Final design for myfranklin4 connections tab

myFranklin4 Connections tab

Final design for myfranklin4 contacts tab

myFranklin4 Contacts tab

This was my first time creating a design guide and creating code that would be used universally throughout a system to be built upon by other developers. I worked closely with the team delivering and compiling code that was being worked on by other team members at the same time. I also delivered wireframes, fully defined graphical user interfaces and graphic files for the team to use.

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