Maids don't know what's going on in real-time.


There was a huge problem with the synchronization of information between the housekeeping manager, housekeepers and laundry personnel. A housekeeper cleans based on a list of rooms they receive at the beginning of shift. That list will change, rooms will get prioritized over others. Some housekeepers will miss out on clean linen because they aren't alerted.


Design an eco-system of applications for housekeeping staff. Web-based application for housekeeping managers to assign up and update room information. A mobile application for housekeeping maids and laundry personnel to track their progress, send requests for inventory, and send alerts.



Project Duties:

  • Contextual Research
  • User Experience Research & Analysis
  • Information Architecture
  • Wireframing
  • Guerilla Testing

Contextual Research

Maid Stripping Bed
Housekeeping Cleaning Cart
Where the maid stores her clipboard
Maid's clipboard
Laundry bin seperates clean from dirty linen and bedding

Laundry bin seperates clean from dirty linen and bedding.

Chart to help determine the finish time depending on the amount of rooms to clean.

Determines the finish-time based on the amount of rooms a maid has to clean.

Speed document.

Manager keeps track of the speed, number of rooms cleaned and hours worked for each maid.

Hotel laundry room.

Many hotels are short-staffed with laundry personnel.

Research Analysis

Housekeeper Flow Chart

Housekeeper flow chart

Create Restock list Flow Chart

Create restock list flow chart

Room priority Flow Chart

Determining room priority flow chart

Housekeeping flow diagram

Information Architecture

Feedback for first dashboard wireframes

First and final M(aide) dashboard wireframes with feedback.

Feedback for first room list wireframes

First and final M(aide) room list wireframes, icons and feedback.

Feedback and changes for room info wireframes

First and final M(aide) wireframes of room info.

Feedback and changes for alerts wireframes

First and final M(aide) wireframes of the room alerts.

5 min warning for clean linen

Guerilla test revealed the desire to want to keep the phone away while cleaning. The phone doesn't need to go off everytime there is an alert, but it is important to know when there is clean linen immediately available for pick-up.

Room ready to be clean screen

The bottom updates each time a room is cleaned, stripped, and added. Once all rooms have been stripped the list can be sent to laundry personnel so that they know how much bedding and linen is needed for a particular maid. A room cannot be declared clean until after it has been stripped and it's list added to the restock list. This keeps maids from altering their speed times.

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