I am updating the logo and branding I created for First Church of God's First on Fifth event. First on Fifth is an fellowship event focused on new visitors and members on the fifth Sunday of a month. I am updating the logo and branding I created back in 2010.


With promotions moving away from printed flyers and towards a heavily involved social media presence the logo needs to recognizable and diverse wether big or tiny and against any color or photograph.



Project Duties:

  • Color Schemes
  • Find Fonts
  • Vector Manipulation
  • Branding
  • Copywriting
  • Logo Design

Working Hours:

  • 2.5 hours of research & reflection
  • 5 hours of design

First Iteration: Trial By Fire

With another First on Fifth approaching they needed fresh graphics. I took a few images to promote the event and played around with the original logo, completely filling it out so that the letters no longer showed. I was concerned with making sure people clearly saw the two "F"s within the logo, that it was a calendar and the fifth Sunday stood out from the rest of the dots.

First concept for August 30th First on Fifth Event.
Second concept for August 30th First on Fifth Event.
Third concept for August 30th First on Fifth Event.
Fourth concept for August 30th First on Fifth Event.


Sketching out ideas on post-it notes.
I considered adding up to 31 dots to the calendar to make the "F"s thicker. Even, simply highlighting only the "fifth sunday" or doing away with the dots all together.

Second Iteration: Gray Scale

Old First on Fifth Logo

The old, 2010 First on Fifth Logo.

New First on Fifth Logo
New first on fifth logo in grayscale

If something looks great in black and white/grayscale it will look dope in color.


First on Fifth Color Scheme

The main colors are the purple and yellow that are prevalent on the First Church of sod website accompanied by three shades of cool grey for use depending on the background the iconic logo finds itself upon.

Final Marks

New logos against white background.
New logos against purple background.
New logos against yellow background.
New logos stacked.

The iconic and typography logo will normally be shown stacked on top of each other. Hopefully as time goes on the iconic logo can stand alone amongst the First Church of God community.

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