There is a disconnect between the way hotel guest request services and the way hotels process guest requests.


CEO heard about my M(aide) application resesarch. They have designed an eco-system of software and applications for hotels. Their mobile application allows hotel guests to request a variety of hotel services from the palm of their hand. Their mobile application is the least used application of their eco-system, it is in need of a redesign.


I was asked to take a stab at redesigning their app as I understood its role and purpose, without any formal knowledge of their business rules and relationship with their clients, hotels all over the world. I downloaded the app for guerilla testing.



Project Duties:

  • Wireframing
  • Graphic Design
  • Stakeholder Interviews
  • Prototyping
  • Guerilla Testing

Research & Analysis

I took their app for a spin and decided to redesign their food ordering process. One of the first things I do when I travel is find a good spot to eat. I learned they had recently signed with Sixty LES. I noticed the log-in process, or the lack thereof, and the inability to actually complete an order.

Alice App log-in screen
Alice App search of hotel
Alice app hotel results

I noticed the request to track my location, I denied and the was asked to enter the property name. I would've preferred to select a property from a dropdown. I noticed a missing "search" button. Unless you know the property name by heart and spell it correctly no results will turn up.

Alice App landing screen
Alice App search of hotel
Alice app hotel results

The icons at the bottom didn't really make sense. When I tapped on the key it asked me to log-in as a guest. I was taken to the same screen when I tapped on the calendar. I have an edge so if I happen to accidently swipe to the left a Pre-Arrival screen pops up and I was unable to figure out how to tap my way to that same screen.

Alice App dining options screen
Alice App in-room dining screen
Alice app hotel results

I made note of the terms used, "in room dining" as opposed to commonly known "room service". If I was a guest with no clue where the two restuarants were in regards to the hotel I would be less inclined to take a look at what they have to offer. There was no visible back button on the screen so I tapped on the "back" button on my phone. I thought that the "pick up tray" option was a bit out of place and certainly not the first thing I'd think of. It wasn't until I tapped on a breakfast item that I wanted to order that I had to call the number they'd given to me on the in room service screen. The interface was misleading to think I could actually place an order on the app.

Ux & Ui Redesign

I put my design within the hands of a few friends who love to travel. Using the inVision app they were able to navigate through my prototype on their phones.

Alice App Login screen redesign

Upon downloading the ALICE app, users can pick their hotel from a dropdown. They are also expected to use their reservation credentials to access the hotels app features.

Alice App landing page redesign

The branding of a hotel took over once the hotel guest logged-in. Immeditely the guest would have important hotel information: phone, address and details about the amenities of the hotel.

Alice App services screen redesign

I instead of icons I used actual pictures of the hotel. In the case the hotel's native language isn't English a hotel guest could find their way around with the help of images.

Alice App room service screen

I made all the menus available in the event a guest wanted to place an order in advance or simply wanted to browse around. It was important that I do show which menus had time restrictions.

Alice App breakfast options screen redesign

I felt it was important to give plenty of detail about a menu item so that guests could browse through without having to tap back and forth screens to learn what is included for each item.

Alice App customize order screen redesign

It's a hassle to recieve a request that you can't meet so why not show what your cooks can do. I would leave it up to the cooks to help determine what's commonly requested for a menu item.

Alice App place order screen redesign
Alice App place order date redesign
Alice App place order time redesign

I designed additional screens so that guests could actually complete the ordering process on the app, instead of calling the front desk to place an order. They have the option to place an order in advance and schdule when they wish to have it delivered to their room.

At the moment they felt they weren't ready to redesign their mobile application.

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