Students aren't aware of what their academic advisors can help them with.


I was brought on as a Wordpress contractor to create a profile template that would allow the advisors to manage and maintain their own profiles. Providing content like forms, help documentation, and contact information specifically for themselves.


The program manager had previously sat with a few stakeholders to create two wireframes. Within the first week I called for a meeting with the entire development team and the stakeholders of the project to get myself and the rest of the team up to speed about the needs and requests of Franklin University's advisors. From that first meeting I generated a list of questions, proposed possible solutions and started to work from the intial wireframe.



Project Duties:

  • Lead User & Stakeholder Interviews
  • User Testing
  • Cognitive Walkthroughs
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • Wireframing
  • Create personas
  • Design GUI in photoshop
  • Build site with HTML, CSS, PHP within Wordpress

Ground Zero

First wireframe of Academic Advisor Profile
First wireframe of Academic Advisor Resources

First wireframes created by the project manager.

How students initially accessed their advisors profiles
What an advisors profile looked like.

A student is assigned an advisor before they even start classes. It was initially the purpose of the profile for academic advisors to educate the students on what the advisors could help them with. Not all advisors had a profile or the same content.

Stakeholder Interviews

With two wireframes I came into the first stakeholder interview with a list of questions about how they invisioned the acaedmic advisor center to work. What type of content would be made available and how students and advisors currently interact without the acaedmic advisor center in place. I also asked questions about when and why a student would want to access the acaedmic advisor center.

First Acaedmic advisor profile design.
First Acaedmic advisor resource center design.

After the first stakeholder interview I put together a few prototypes of the academic resource center. The creation of the prototypes raised more questions that I addressed at the upcoming stakeholder meeting with the development team included.

First Acaedmic advisor center guided steps.
First Acaedmic advisor resource center guided solution.

I played around with the idea of a guided kiosk that would help students find what they need and see what all advisors and the advisor center could help them with.

Information Architecture

The guided kiosk was nixed and I went on to further design the layout of the resource center.

Final layout of the academic advisor profile.
Final layout of the academic advisor resource center.
Final layout of the academic advisor resource center view of FAQs.
Final layout of the academic advisor center form/document layover.
Final layout of the academic advisor resource center resource layover.
Final layout of the academic advisor resource center hours.

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