Quantum health throws a party every year for their employees to celebrate their years of success. The theme for their 2017 year-end party is "Party Like It's 1999!".


The Marketing and Communications team along with the Pep Team were tasked with coming up with themes for the party each year. "Party Like It's 1999!" ended up being one of the final three themese the Marketing and Communications team pitched. A style board was presenting to show off the kind of look and feel the party itself would have.

From there other designers and I created posters to promote the party. This is my process for the creation of all things QH's Party Like It's 1999!


Health Care - Party Planning

Project Duties:

  • Historical Research
  • Color Psychology
  • Color Schemes
  • Find Fonts
  • Graphic Design
  • Print Design
  • Website Design
  • Website Development

Working Hours:

  • 5 hours of research & reflection
  • 50+ hours of design
  • 12 hours of web development


Mood board for Quantum health's year end party, 1999 pop culture.
Mood board for Quantum health's year end party, 1999 branding.
Mood board for Quantum health's year end party, 1999 colors and font types.


I took a stab at animating Quantum Health's CEO, Kara Trott for a poster concept.

Original picture of Kara Trott.
Original picture of Kara Trott.

Poster Concepts

With five designers on the team, we were each tasked with creating a few poster concepts to promote Quantum Health's Year End Party.

Concept one of the first phase of poster concept designs
third variation of concept one
fourth variation of concept one
Concept two of the first phase of poster concept designs
second variation of concept two
second variation of concept three
Concept four of the first phase of poster concept designs

Variations | Phase Two

I favored the warmer colors so I did away with the cooler yellow and green. The typography treatment seemed too tamed so I experimented with a the placement of the text. Concept three was good to go, with minor copy edits to be made.

second variation of concept four
third variation of concept four

Final Poster Phase

The director didn't think the text flowed well so, I used the body of text to move the eye around on the poster from top to bottom and sized and resized the head of the CEO, Kara Trott till I found the right ratio.

The final layout and design of concept three
The final layout and design of concept four


Mixed CDs would be the form of our invitations to invite Quantum Health's 500+ employees to their Year End Party. Each designer was tasked with designing a Mix CD cover that corresponded with their poster.

First two concepts of the CD case cover.


I went through a few quick iterations of the front and the inside of the CD cover:

Iterations of the front of the case cover iterations of the inside of the case cover
CD label concept one CD label concept two
CD label concept three CD label concept four
Final CD Invitation cover.
Final CD Invitation inside case.

Web Page

Quantum Health is very diverse in both age, gender and race, making their personal memories of 1999 very different. So I also designed the webpage promoting the party to be diverse. I incorporated the other elements of the other posters into my concepts.

First design concept for the YEP web page.

You can view the actual web page. It was my first time coding a parallax web page. It wasn't designed to be responsive, since the page was originally hosted on our in-house network and majority of the company views that network on a desktop screen.

Second and selected design concept for the YEP web page.


It has been the custom to pass out t-shirts for the event at the event. We decided to hand out the tshirts along with the party favors a few days before the party so people could wear them to work and not have to carry them around. Instead of making the t-shirt an obvious company shirt. I wanted to create a shirt that people would want to wear outside of work.

Matrix reference shirt List of popular 1999 artists List of popular 1999 dances/dance moves
Splattered paint Paint dripping two different front only concepts

Second Phase of T-shirt Concepts

The team voted on which designs they liked the most and would fit within the culture of Quantum Health.

two concepts featuring splattered paint One of the two final front concepts
List of popular 1999 artists The second final front concept


I was happy to recieve feedback about the event. The t-shirt design was a success a large amount of individuals were eager to wear their shirts and have continue to wear them outside of the party and on the weekend like I aimed for. The shirts also glow in the dark both in the front and the back!

Pod member dancing
Playing video games
soul train line

I also created many other items for the party within the final weeks approaching the event: step-and-repeat for the photo booth, tents for the raffle auction of prizes, labels for food and other signs.

Table sign
Card detail card

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